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Binance coin

BNB Chain: 0xbb4CdB9CBd36B01bD1cBaEBF2De08d9173bc095c

  • Chain: BNB ChainNetwork
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Project summary

Blockchain development Cryptocurrency exchange Finance

Vision: Provide a unifying platform for the creation, transfer, and trade of digital assets.

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in China in 2017.

- Later it was forced to move its headquarters to Malta in 2017 due to regulatory crackdowns in China.

- Binance is one of the largest Cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with a daily trading volume over 200B

- Binance is regulated in a number of jurisdictions, including Malta, the Seychelles, and Japan. The exchange is also subject to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) regulations.

- BNB Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain) is a blockchain network developed by Binance. It is a community-driven, open-source project that aims to provide a high-throughput, low-cost platform for decentralized applications (dApps).

- BNB Chain is a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain network. This means that validators on the network are randomly selected to verify transactions and earn rewards. BNB Chain uses a unique consensus mechanism called Proof-of-Staked Authority (PoSA), which is designed to be more efficient and secure than traditional PoS mechanisms. BNB Chain is also EVM-compatible, which means that it can run dApps that were developed for the Ethereum blockchain. This makes it easy for developers to port their dApps to BNB Chain, and it has helped to attract a large number of developers to the network.

- BNB Chain has over 1 million active users, and it processes over $10 billion in transaction volume per day.

Members: 4000+
Advisors: No data

Changpeng Zhao (CZ) is the CEO and founder of Binance. He is a serial entrepreneur who has founded several other successful businesses. CZ is a strong advocate for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and he is committed to making Binance the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

Binance team is a diverse group of professionals with extensive experience in the financial services, technology, and cryptocurrency industries. They are committed to providing a secure and reliable platform for the use of cryptocurrencies


  • Founder/CEO: Changpeng Zhao
  • Co-founder/CFO: He Yi


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Binance Exchange
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Bsc Scan

BNB Chain official explorer, Where users can get query about Assets, Addresses on Binance ecosystem

Binance global

Binance cryptocurrency exchange global

One of largest cryptocurrency exchanges

offers a various services such as spot trading of more than 100 trading pair, Margin trading and investing services

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Binance cryptocurrency exchange for United States residence


    $15M was raised in the Seed round by 8 Bits Capital, Binance Angel Fund

    $25M was raised in the Public Sale Option A (Series A round) by IDG Capital, Sequoia Capital China

    $1.5B was raised in the Public Sale Option B (Series A round) by DST Global, Tiger Global, Temasek Holdings

Total reported funding: 1.6B

The total reported funding for Binance is estimated. Values may be above or below recorded values.

* Report [email protected] in case of any missing data

Coin metrics

Token name: Binance coin

Token symbol: BNB

Total supply: 200000000 BNB

Circulating supply: BNB

Supply type: Deflationary
Minting feature: Non-mintable


Token address: 0xbb4CdB9CBd36B01bD1cBaEBF2De08d9173bc095c

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Competitive advantage
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  • Algorand consensus algorithm and it's contribution of decreasing transacitons time on their blockchain
  • Backed by a strong team of developers and technicals
  • Carbon negative
  • Low cost of transactions which may attract more users in the future
  • Algorand blockchain ASA Technology
Medium risk investment
Market capitalization
  • Binance Coin Marketcap Not available
  • Binance Coin Dominance of Total MarketCap
Strong project with moderate returns
High risk investment
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