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Before applying to CCL

Applicants data is completely safe with us as it being stored privately,
Also, Personal data will not be listed or linked to any external data source.

All verfied addresses that will be listed in our website will not contain any personal data.

Data will be doxxed only under one condition.

Where there is a severe violation, Scam (Honeypot, Rugpull, Hacking, phishing) or
Breaching in law (18 U.S. Code CHAPTER 47).
Proved by a full reasonable evidence and bad faith.

After verification verfied contracts/addresses are being listed publicly in CCL website. CCL smartcontract.

Verification process


CCL DAPP (Proof of address ownership)

Applicant apply for a new verfication request.
Applicant enters full legal name (As appears in legal documents).
Applicant enters email, For business verfication and tokens, Only professional emails will be considered. And, it must be from an excutive authority in the business (e.g., Admin, Ceo, Cto@business-domain.
Note: For businesses/tokens verfications. Applicant must sign application transaction from token/contract deployer wallet.
CCL Meeting

Online meeting (Proof of identity)

Applicant gets an email for meeting time from our official [email protected] (Applicant can reschedule the meeting).
Applicant provides the official documents. (E.G., Personal identifcation card, Passport). Note that name on legal documents must match the name in application.
After completeing the meeting. Smartcontract/wallet address will be listed in our CCL website in verfied contracts/wallets section. (Listing usually takes 24/48 Hours)